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Broccoli for Days

img_3672Food ruts are inevitable. Busy days call for simple standbys, since there is no time for getting creative.  Yesterday was a busy day therefore yesterday was a food rut day.

Cleaning, shopping, errands, and organizing all ate away at my day. Lunch was leftover broccoli with marinara since I usually try to use weekends to eat up anything left in the fridge during the week.

Since it was Saturday, we also usually try to go out to dinner. We have been going to Chili’s, because a) they are less than 10 minutes away and b) they have a house salad with black beans and pico de gallo that we can actually eat. We have gone every Saturday for the last few weeks. Time to switch things up.

I emailed Spaghetti Factory last month to let them know I was disappointed they had removed spaghetti squash from the menu. Both the manager at our local restaurant and the corporate office emailed me letting me know that while they removed spaghetti squash from their main menu, they added it back as a Saturday special. I was happy. Another choice! I should have called first.


We arrived and I asked the hostess if spaghetti squash was on the specials. Nope. Despite the email saying they added it back (past tense, done), they haven’t quite implemented it yet. Guess what I got for dinner. Broccoli with marinara. *sigh* At least I didn’t have to cook or clean up.

My point is that sometimes we have to eat the same things due to circumstance, but don’t make it a habit if you can help it. Incorporate plenty of variety into your diet. The more the merrier. Your body needs so many different nutrients and eating the exact same thing day after day for weeks on end with no variety can actually be detrimental.

Not to mention boring as heck.

Speaking of boring, next week I guess we head back to Chili’s. Hurry up and open, Chipotle!