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Vegan Cheez Its

Vegan Cheez Its

My poor son. He had been dragged into my vegan lifestyle bit by bit. I have slowly removed all of his beloved processed snacks. As he finishes them, I don’t buy more to replace them. It’s rough being a 15 year old in a house full of health nuts. I do not impose my strict diet on him, but there are lots of nights he eats the same thing as the rest of us just because it is easier for me and he is such a good boy. ❤️ Usually, he isn’t a fan.

Tonight, he came out, holding his phone and giving me the oddest smile. “What’s up buddy?” I asked, beginning to laugh at his comical expression. It was one part glee, two parts cracking up like he just heard a hilarious joke.  “So, I could help but notice you pinned a vegan Cheez Its recipe on Pinterest.” he smirked. I laughed again. “Why yes, yes I did. I pinned that for you! We can make some now if you want to.” “Sure!” was his instant reply.

Into the kitchen we went and gathered up our handful of ingredients. I used The Milimalist Baker‘s recipe. img_3756-1 I used my new Einkorn wheat flour, as well as oat flour and corn meal. As I added in the olive oil he started cracking up again. “What?” I asked. “It looks like a dog peed on sandy ground.” *sigh* Cooking with boys is such a different experience. I love it, though.I used 2 Tbsp. of nutritional yeast and the full amount of salt. (I will use 3/4 tsp. next time.) I did use the baking powder suggested. I added in the rest of the wet ingredients until I had a dough that was wet enough to form a disc.

I rolled the dough out thinly and used a pizza cutter to cut up the dough. It’s late and I’m tired so I didn’t try very hard. Lol. I was going for delicious, not beautiful. We baked them for 17 minutes. The verdict? “If you didn’t tell me they were vegan Cheez Its I wouldn’t have guessed they were, ’cause the aren’t very Cheez Its-y, but they are really good. I would have guessed they are really good vegan crackers. I like them.”

Total win!

Obviously, they look more like Wheat Thins, since I used whole wheat flour, but they have a distinctly garlic and cheese flavor that is really good. They are more crumbly than traditional crackers, but they *are* crackers. This goes in my repertoire for him to snack on.

Since they have wheat and 3 tablespoons of oil, I won’t be able to eat them terribly often, but I *can* eat them. Also, I feel better about my son eating these instead of prepacked chemical crap.

My husband and daughter just tried them and they like them, too! Woo hoo! Yay for keeping my family healthy and happy.