Simple Pleasures

Tonight was one of those nights that makes me happy to be alive.

Today was hot, in the mid-nineties. So this evening, when it cooled off, it was the perfect night for a walk. I had some treats for my friend’s dog that I wanted to drop off anyway, and it was the perfect excuse. I like to walk in the evenings, but walking with a purpose is even better.

Not only did I want to deliver the treats, but I found an app that allows me to raise money for my favorite local animal charity while I do it. I highly recommend downloading the app, Walk For a Dog.  It tracks your walking distance and as long as you walk at least once a week, you raise money for your chosen charity. 

Now, let me tell you about my lovely walk:The air smelled like warm eucalyptus trees, gradually cooling from the afternoon sun that was setting behind them. It is such a distinctive smell that reminds me of being a kid, outside on my grandparent’s front porch in the cool of the evening. Pure happiness. 

I smiled a lot tonight. 

The simple pleasure of listening to “Hotel California” fading into the distance as the man in the truck drives past me, windows down. The fat pug, with his hilariously stiff-legged run, barking hoarsely from behind a two foot fence that is more than adequate to keep him behind it.  Stopping to chat with old friends as I pass their house. The street lights that begin to blink on as I approach home. 

I didn’t used to love to walk. In fact, it used to exhaust me and make me achy. Now, I look forward to it. Oh, I still get a little sore from walking.  My back is still recovering from my road trip, and my hips still let me know that I am no longer a teenager, but I am not miserable anymore. 

What a beautiful night. I am so thankful that I am alive. I am so thankful that I am getting well.  


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