Trial and Error

Trial and Error

Today I am hungry. Actually, no, let me rephrase that. I want food. Hunger is the physical sensation our body gives us when we need nutrition and sustenance. I have those covered. Today I am struggling with the need to eat because it’s cathartic. *sigh*

This journey I am on is full of Trial and Error. Two steps forward, one step back. Whenever I add something back into my diet, I do it slowly and methodically to see how my body reacts. Last week, I decided to add Tempeh (fermented soy) into my diet. Please, don’t lecture! I know soy can be a problem for many and while it’s health benefits are sung by some, it is decried by others. I just wanted to see. 

I made a lucious pot of Minestrone soup and pan seared chunks of Tempeh before adding it into the soup pot. It was delicious. Then, the symptoms began.  So far I have had increased random food cravings, hot flashes, crankiness and tiredness. Basically, it kicked me in the hormones. This sucks. 

I didn’t even put it together. It was my husband.

Him: “You seem a little off today. You ok?”

Me: “No, I feel like crap!”

Him: “What did you eat that was different?”

How I love that man of mine. He can read me like a book. He helped me go back through what we had eaten and helped me put two and two together. It hadn’t even dawned on me. 

Not all my add backs have been failures. Eggplant, corn and red wine vinegar are all fine. I get discouraged, though, when it doesn’t go well. I don’t like these symptoms. Taking a step back in my progress reminds me why I am doing this in the first place. I am so glad I am. 

I am going to share my Minestrone recipe because it really is the most delicious soup. Although I am leaving out the Tempeh. I hope you understand. 

Minestrone – Makes 10-12 servings

(Adapted from “So You Want To Cook Italian” by Rocco J. Constanzo) 

Once again, please excuse my disgusting cook book! What can I say, I cook with enthusiasm, not neatness!

I used water instead of olive oil to sautĂ© the leeks, onions and garlic.  I also used eggplant instead of potatoes because I had one that needed to be used. This is one of those perfect “use everything left over in the fridge” soups that I talked about before. Kidney beans were used in place of the pasta, since I am gluten free.  I used 8 cups of veggie broth (of course) instead of the 4 cups called for so that I could add more veggies and LOTS of spinach.I found that sprinkling the soup with fennel seeds gives it the taste of sausage without the animal products! Also, I added a good handful of fresh chopped basil leaves and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning. 
Delicious and satisfying. 

Until next time, my friends. 


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