Another Day, Another Recipe

Another Day, Another Recipe

Some days I wish I could just drive through and pick up dinner.  Somewhere…anywhere. Life is not that simple, however, and so my quest for fast, delicious, healthy dinners goes on.

Yesterday, I tried another recipe in my new cookbook.


This time I was smart, I snapped the pictures of the pages BEFORE I started cooking. Now don’t have to look at my smudgy, water wrinkled page, because yes, it did happen again!IMG_3455Prep was fairly simple. I used the above recipe as a jumping off point. I had a bag of oriental vegetables in my freezer, so I used those, supplemented with a few things from my fridge.IMG_3442

I used baby Bok Choy, which was tender and delicious. To prep, simply cut off the bottom of the stalk, then cut in half. Slice the bottom into small, bite sized pieces then rough chop the leaves. I had half a red onion left over from last night’s dinner, so in that went, too!IMG_3446The frozen veggies contained some mushrooms already, but I had 4 leftover mushrooms from another recipe, so in they went.

To water sauté simply place a small amount of water in the bottom of the wok and bring to a bubble.IMG_3449

I put the onions and bok Choy in first, let them cook for a minute then added in everything else.IMG_3453I tossed it around for about 5 minutes then put the cover on for another 5. When everything was tender-crisp, I threw in the spinach and let that wilt for another 2 minutes.

I blended the sauce in the blender and served it up. The wraps are VERY messy, so be prepared with extra napkins.

img_3460.jpgI thought it was good. Not mind blowing, but good. My daughter loved the sauce, I could take it or leave it. My husband is NOT a fan of sweet and savory sauces, but he did eat it. After a sample, my son opted for Better Burger leftovers instead. *sigh*

I did love that it was quick and easy.  Also, the cold crunch of the romaine wrap paired with the warm veggies was a nice blend. The sauce was creamy and I added my cayenne pepper sprinkled on after the fact to save my spice wimps the pain of too much heat.

Would I make it again? I’m not sure yet. Probably.

I will share something with you that encourages me greatly. Both myself and my vegan buddy, Melinda, have left the 200+ pound distinction behind. We are now both in the 100’s!

So raise a glass of lemon water and pass the plant food, baby! Reluctant Vegan for life.



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