The Gift of Friendship

I know I have said before how important friendship is, especially when it comes to support during big changes. May I just say again, my friends rock!

We just got home from our end of year potluck with our small group at church. Oh, how I love our group! We sat together and laughed, talked, shared stories and Pinterest Pins, and some amazing food.

All 3 of the vegans in the group actually had some great food to choose from. I made the Vegan Nachos. They seemed to be a hit, even with the carnivores in the group.  My friends Stacy made baked veggie chips. The fact that they didn’t turn out and she had to throw them away doesn’t detract, even slightly, from the fact that she made them to include those of us eating vegan.

Then, there was Melinda. My dear, wonderful friend, Melinda. My vegan buddy.  She made the most bomb chili and she brought dessert. For me. *insert contented sigh here*

I immediately went into fits of rapture, followed by bouts of euphoria as I nibbled on the decadent sweet treat. (No, really. I may or may not have danced a little as I ate it.)

What was this heaven on earth?

Banana bread!


You don’t realize how much you miss sweet, baked goodies until the are gone. I have tried to make a few things, but with my current list of restrictions, it is difficult to find good recipes. Make that almost impossible.

Melinda found this recipe and baked a loaf, hoping against hope it would be good. It was. Epically so.  The texture is moist and bready and not too dense. It tasted like banana bread!

My friend, Deanna, brought home made date butter and gifted some to our pastor’s wife, who then opened and shared the love. Oh, the bliss of spreading the caramelly sweetness onto a second piece of banana bread.  Thanks for sharing, Sabina.

I am home tonight with my tummy full of happiness and love, courtesy of my awesome friends. Thanks to them, I successfully navigated my first potluck.  And I won’t hate myself tomorrow!




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