Vegan Nachos – AKA The Potluck Conundrum

It’s the end of the school year. Things are beginning to wrap up and the end of the year parties are upon us. Cue the potlucks (and the anxiety!) Don’t get me wrong; who doesn’t love tables laden with naughty no-nos?

So, how do I traverse this rocky road of social pressure and temptation with grace? Everyone will be offering me bites of Aunt Martha’s famous chocolate cream pie or a scoop of 7-layer dip. And almost invariably there will be Doritos. Mmmm, Doritos… but I digress.

I will need to bring something that translates well to the non-vegan crowd, yet still works for me.

Time to hit Pinterest!

*scrolling through hundreds of recipes*

OK, so this is what I have come up with…


VEGAN nachos to be precise.


Of course, I have to make adjustments. This recipe has turkey meat. Healthy for some, just not for me. I think I will sub out the turkey and replace it with a mixture of Quinoa Taco Meat and black beans. I will garnish with guacamole and probably take the grated sharp cheddar on the side.

I do have to say, though, the potluck I am going to on Sunday is for my small group at church, and my friend, Melinda (also a no-to-pretty-much-everything vegan like myself) will be there. We get to coordinate so both of us will actually have more than one legal and delicious thing to eat. Yay!

Have I mentioned how important friends are in this process!?!?!?

So, go, friends, enjoy your potlucks. I know I will.


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