Now what?

I told myself at the beginning that I would only be hard core for 8 weeks, that “no” would be temporary. I clung to that like a drowning man to a life preserver. It was my hope on the days when I felt like I couldn’t do it any more. “Just a few more weeks…” “Just a few more days…” Its here.

My 8 weeks are up. I should be jubilant, right? Then why am I so scared? I made it through the worst part. The detoxing, the cravings, the exhaustion, all gone. (Ok, *mostly* gone.) I am down a full 22 pounds. My pain has been reduced to the point where sometimes I forget I have it. Wow!

I am scared because I HAVE come this far. What if I have a set back? What if I add something back in that seems innocent but I undo all this hard work? What if it triggers cravings? What if I get discouraged and throw in the towel? Ugh, the thought makes me cringe.

No, this time it is different. This time I will succeed. This time I will not fall into the trap I set for myself. This time I will win.

Today I won’t share a recipe like I usually do.  Today I will share a picture of a shirt that I found while shopping this weekend.

This used to be me…


Not any more. ❤️

Today I share hope.


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